Youth Music Resources

(The Little Church)
A Greek folk song for SSA and piano arranged by Joanne H. Kambouris. Chosen by the Atlanta Boy Choir for their pre-Olympic tour of Greece. This arrangement is suitable for combined women’s and children’s choir or advanced children’s chorus. Melody combines with a counter melody (Kyrie Eleison) throughout, with a moderately difficult piano accompaniment.

ON CHRISTMAS DAY (A Traditional Greek Melody)
Adapted by Joanne H. Kambouris. This arrangement use the tune of the Greek melody “Kyria Evangelio” with a lively piano accompaniment. Two voicings available: SATB with children’s choir and SSA.

2855 Country Woods Lane, Palm Harbor, FL 34683  727-734-7721 E-mail:

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
(Gallos II - Published 1970)
This Liturgy is arranged for children's unison choir, and for mixed (SATB) choir. The organ accompaniment is a reduction of the vocal parts. The Liturgy has the Greek text along with the English phonetics. It includes a Doxology and all eight Anastasima Apolytikia. The melodies are based on the Sakellarides and Kapsaski Byzantine adaptations.

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in English (Gallos II)
The familiar Sakellarides melodies are now available in English for mixed choir and/or children’s unison choir. It includes the Doxology and all eight of the Anastasima Apolytikia.

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom ( Gallos II ) Cassette Tape
The Children's Unison Choir of Annapolis, Maryland has recorded the entire Liturgy with Father George Gallos as celebrant. Anna Gallos is the director/organist. This is a typical children's service complete with children "noises." The children range in age from eight to eleven years old. A good recording for those interested in hearing how a children's choir can do an entire Liturgy in unison.

The Lord’s Prayer (Pater Imon)
Arranged in 1946 from a melody written by Father John Gerotheou and the Protopsalti Petros Maneas, this hymn is made available for use at weddings and as a teaching device for children in Church School. It is to be used at the discretion of the priest. The arrangement is in a medium key (D Major/D minor) and can be done as a solo by bass, baritone, soprano or alto.

Evangeline Music Press
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The Divine Liturgy Hymnal
– by Ernest Villas (the Green Hymnal)
A hymnal of the Divine Liturgy for use in congregational singing, Church Schools, conferences and youth groups. It includes the text of the Liturgy, and the music and words to all hymns and responses are in Greek, phonetics, and English. Some of the major feast day hymns are also included in both languages. Music is unison, based on John Sakellarides melodic lines. Two instructional cassette tapes and an accompaniment book are also available.

Children’s Music
Songbooks of original songs, written by the Rev. Konstantine Mendrinos, for the curriculum series "Living Our Orthodox Faith." Also includes liturgical hymns. Songbooks available for Grades 1 and 2 Me and My World and Loving God, and songs for Grades K, 3, 4 and 5 are included in the Teacher Editions Happy With God, Sharing God's World, Growing With God and God Calls Us. Cassettes also available.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Religious Education
50 Goddard Ave., Brookline, MA 02445-7415  617-850-1218 or 800-566-1088 FAX: 617-850-1489 E-mail:

A HOLY FRIDAY RETREAT: A PARISH HANDBOOK FOR PLANNING AND CONDUCTING A LENTEN RETREAT: An updated, 2010 "how-to" guide for conducting a retreat for young people on Holy Friday, emphasizing the integration of Orthodox theology, hymnology, iconography, and symbolism. Includes everything needed to host a successful retreat: schedule, activities, lessons, promotional materials, teaching outlines, and additional theme ideas for multiple years.

Hymns of the Orthodox Church with instructional CD/ Cassette tape
A series of 12 booklets, each containing music and teaching materials about a hymn of the Divine Liturgy or feast day. Also available is an instructional recording (CD or cassette tape) featuring the hymns sung in Greek and English by EIKONA. These materials are suitable for children, young adults, or adults. Each booklet includes: the hymn written for Greek and English texts, information about the meaning of the hymn and its place in the Liturgy, scriptural references, an associated icon drawing and descriptive information, and a host of home and school teaching suggestions.

Through the Prayers of the Theotokos - Tes Presvies Tis Theotokou
Save Us, O Son of God - Soson Imas Ie Theou
The Trisaghion Hymn - Holy God/Aghios O Theos
We Sing Hymns to Thee - Se Imnoumen
One is Holy - Eis Aghios
Praise the Lord - Enite Ton Kyrion
Receive Me Today, O Son of God - Tou Dhipnou Sou Tou Mistikou
We Have Seen the Light - Idhomen To Fos
Blessed Be the Name of the Lord - Ei I To Onoma Kyriou
Lord, Save Your People - Soson Kyrie
Christ Is Risen - Christos Anesti
Thy Good Spirit - To Pnevma Sou

These materials are available in Classroom Packets (20 copies of each hymn plus the CD or cassette) or as a Family Packet (one copy of each hymn plus the CD or cassette) for home use. The cassette tape or CD may also be purchased separately.

Sharing In Song
A songbook containing hymns and songs suitable for use with a variety of Orthodox gatherings, including youth groups, Church and Greek Schools, adult retreats, and senior citizen events. Contains more than 100 songs and hymns, including sacred hymns and folk songs in Greek as well as sacred and secular music in English, all with guitar and piano chords provided.

Starting A Youth Music Program In Your Parish
A practical and comprehensive handbook filled with suggestions for parishes desiring to establish liturgical music programs to teach their children and young people the music of the Orthodox faith. Provides suggestions for starting and maintaining youth music programs, guidelines for developing a junior choir program, and other very helpful resources.

National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians
3814 Regents Circle, Bloomington, IN 47401  812-855-8248 E-mail:

Orthodox Choral Music

Professionally engraved music available to fulfill a variety of your choir needs:
Material suitable for youth music retreats and Sunday School classes.

Pegasus Press
Mr. Steven Karidoyanes, 91 Maple St., Boston, MA 02132  Tel./fax: 617-325-0645 E-mail:

The Divine Liturgy: A Hymnal in Greek and English
An outgrowth of the hymnal chosen by the National Forum for use at the 1996 Clergy-Laity Congress, this is a setting designed to encourage congregational participation. The hymnal incorporates most of the material contained in the above works, plus some other commonly used hymns. All hymns are presented in Greek and English, on facing pages. Melody line only. 9” X 6”, available in hardcover or Lexatone binding. 366 pages in length. Discount pricing is available for large orders.

Mr. Kevin Lawrence
4132 Snyder Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27117  336-306-3586 E-mail:

The Holy Saturday Morning Service
(J 501)
Published in the new Junior Choir Series and designed for youth/junior choirs. Contains the hymns of the Vesper Service to be sung in unison in Greek or English. Includes the substitutions for the Liturgy on Holy Saturday morning. Folio to be a companion of the unison Liturgy by Tikey Zes. Chords for accompaniment included. It allows participation of parents and relatives of the singers or other lay assistants.

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver Church Music Federation
12 Tamerlain Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80130-3984  303-773-0777 E-mail:

Hymns for the Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts:
Yevsasthe kai Idhete (Communion Hymn)
For a cappella SATB choir with children's descant choir. Based upon traditional melody. Comprised of three distinct verses: the first is unison children's choir; the second is a four part chorale; and the third is in contrapuntal style, with descant. Contains English phonetics. Of moderate difficulty.

Dr. Jon M. Wardner
2921 Overridge Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48104  734-973 8039 E-mail:

Halleluiah, Halleluia!
A song of Christ’s Nativity for accompanied mixed adult and youth choir.

Let All People Praise Him (adapted from Psalm 67 RSV)
A recessional piece set for accompanied mixed choir with youth singers and/or Soprano soloist. Original music with English lyrics, appropriate as an Offertory.

Mr. Chris J. Zervos
2159 Evergreen Road, Toledo, OH 43606  419-534-2937 E-mail:

A Unison Liturgy for Greek Orthodox Choirs
(L 102)
Published 1976. Second Edition in 1980.
This is a work that can be done as a choral work, mixed voices, or as a strictly unison, melody-only rendition with organ accompaniment. The melodic line has therefore been printed separately to facilitate the unison interpretation. The work is based on traditional material as well as original contributions. Recommended for camp groups, youth choirs, etc. Contains English phonetics and interlinear translation by Theodore Bogdanos. (The Great Doxology is available as a supplement. See Tikey Zes listing in the Hymns and Service Music section.)

Unison Doxology Supplement to Unison Liturgy (L-102S)
Based on a traditional Neo Byzantine melody in Mode I. May be sung in unison by either a senior or youth choir. Organ part is relatively easy.

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver Church Music Federation
12 Tamerlain Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80130-3984  303-773-0777 E-mail: