Stewardship in the National Forum

As an Archdiocesan ministry, the National Forum is entrusted with maintaining and improving the level of church music throughout the Archdiocese. We do this through distribution of materials and through supporting training programs. We also are involved in some special initiatives --- encouraging development of youth choirs and hymnology programs, preparing a training program for choir directors, setting common congregational hymns into English, and supporting the coordination of Byzantine Music Education programs that exist in the Metropolises. We also help to keep you as Orthodox church musicians on the cutting edge of what is happening in the Archdiocese.

To help support this important and continuing work, we ask you, each year, to make a stewardship contribution to the Forum. Stewardship means that you are free to contribute whatever you feel is appropriate and whatever is within your means. We hope you will be as generous as you can, seeing all the programs that your stewardship supports.

In addition to the special initiatives mentioned above, here is a listing of some of the many other projects you support through your generous stewardship:

  • Complimentary National Church Music Sunday materials we send to your parish each fall
  • A CHURCH MUSIC email list of more than 1,300 individuals
  • National Church Music Institutes and the financial support we provide for Church Music Institutes that are co-sponsored by your Metropolis Federation
  • Helpful publications such as “MUSICA”, the “Hymns of the Orthodox Church” instructional series and Eikona CD, the “Starting a Youth Choir Program in Your Parish” handbook, and “Senior Voices, Working with Older Adult Choir Members.”
  • The National Forum MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY (which is updated every two years)
  • And a voice for church musicians at the highest levels of our Archdiocese

Click here to download the National Forum Stewardship Form.

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