Annual Meetings of the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians

2022 National Forum Meeting in New York City, NY

in Conjunction with the 2022 Clergy Laity Congress

2019 National Forum Meeting in Houston, TX

2018 National Forum Meeting in Boston, MA

in Conjunction with the 2018 Clergy Laity Congress

2017 National Forum Meeting in Flushing, NY

2015 National Forum Meeting in Indianapolis, IN

2013 National Forum Meeting in Charlotte, NC

National Forum Annual Meetings

Each year, the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians holds an Annual Meeting of its Coordinating Committee, consisting of representatives from each of the eight Metropolis Church Music Federations. On a Clergy-Laity year, the Annual Meeting is held inconjunction with the Clergy-Laity Congress wherever the Congress is held. In other years, the Annual Meeting is held in one of the Metropolises.

Each Metropolis Church Music Federation designates five of its members as its delegation to attend and vote. Other National Forum stewards are always welcome to attend the Annual Meeting and participate in the discussions and activities.

The 2013 Annual Meeting was held in Charlotte, NC, July 11th - 13th.

The 2015 Annual Meeting was held in Indianapolis, IN, July 8th - 12th.

The 2017 Annual Meeting was held in Flushing, NC, June 29th - July 5th.

The 2018 Annual Meeting was held in Boston, MA, July 1st - 6th in conjunction with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Clergy-Laity Congress.

The 2019 Annual Meeting was held in Houston, TX, July 10th - 14th.

National Forum meetings feature great discussion and planning about contemporary church music topics - choir improvement, involving youth in church music, chanter development, and assistance to parishes in developing church music as a ministry. Participants will leave with a richer and broader knowledge of church music ideas, activities, and resources available through our Archdiocese.

All church musicians are invited to participate in the Forum's Annual Meetings - they are wonderful opportunities to be with church musicians from all across the US and to take part in discussions about Forum initiatives in choir director training, youth, use of English, Byzantine Chant, among others.