Divine Liturgy Settings with the New English

Choral Settings Using the New Standard English Translation

as Officially Approved by the Holy Eparchial Synod

of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

Two of the Liturgical Settings are being published by the National Forum:

Kevin Lawrence: A 4-part setting of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom that serves as a companion to the new Greek Orthodox Hymnal being distributed by the Department of Religious Education. This is the only work to date that uses the same melodies of the Hymnal, in Greek and English so it is suitable for parishes that wish to have their choirs and congregations use the same melodies. The work also includes a Doxology, the 8 Resurrectional Apolytikia, feast day changes for the second Antiphon (Soson Imas), psalms during Communion, Memorial Service hymns, and the Hierarchical Trisaghion. Available bound or notebook-ready. Contact: Lucy Pappadakes/National Forum Publications at 136 Hickory Nut Lane, Mount Holly, NC 28120. Email: lucy_38@hotmail.com or phone 704-827-2684. 

Nicholas Roubanis: The original 5th edition of Roubanis’ Divine Liturgy setting, Selected Hymns in Greek and English, has been re-typeset and adapted for the new official English translation. The book includes both the original Roubanis Greek and his melodies adapted for the new English translation. The cost of the music is $15.00 per book plus shipping. It is formatted as ready for a three-ring binder. Available now.

Contact: Lucy Pappadakes/National Forum Publications at 136 Hickory Nut Lane, Mount Holly, NC 28120. Email: lucy_38@hotmail.com or phone 704-827-2684. 

Other compositions may be obtained directly from the composers:

Nicholas Bodle: This arrangement of The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is almost exclusively based on the traditional Byzantine 3rd Mode (the same tone as the familiar Sakellarides Doxology and the Kontakion of Christmas, I Parthenos Simeron/On This Day, the Virgin Comes). It is harmonized for mixed chorus, presented primarily in English, with some Greek refrains, and written mostly in E♭ major. Includes the Great Doxology, music for the Memorial and Artoklasia services, Hierarchical Liturgies, and more. Easily customizable for any choir to insert other music as desired. Available free of charge electronically; hard copies available for purchase. Contact: Nicholas C. Bodle at 6935 Acres Drive, Independence, OH 441314958. Email: webmaster@orthodoxmusic.us or phone: 216-904-8537. 

Anna Gallos: The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (Opus II) arranged for mixed, unison, or children’s choir with an organ accompaniment that is a reduction of the vocal parts. This new edition combines both the original Greek Opus II and a rearrangement of the English Opus II to accommodate the new

Archdiocesan-approved English translation, into a single integrated side by side binding. The English version was arranged as a companion for the Greek version, with the identical musical style serving as a bridge between the two languages. Both the Greek and English were edited to be used interchangeably and for ease of use by the director, accompanist, and singer. The work includes a Doxology and all 8 Anastásima Apolytikia along with 4 additional alternates. Additional hymns in Greek and English include all 12 Sóson

Imás feast day substitutions, Ósi is Christón, Ton Stavrón sou, Eonía i mními, Ploúsii eptóyevsan, and Hierarchical substitutions. Available via Evangeline Music Press: www.annagallos.com. Contact: John Gallos at 1 Baratra Court, Apt. 103, Timonium, MD. Email: aggallos@comcast.net or phone 410-308-0188. 

Constantine Limberakis: This setting of the Divine Liturgy Includes the standard hymns and responses, the eight Resurrectional Apolytikia, music for a hierarchical service, and the Archbishop’s Fimi. The publication is printed in a side-by-side Greek and English format, using the newly-approved standard English translation of the Divine Liturgy by our Holy Eparchial Synod. The music is printed in a 3-hole punch format for easy addition of local substitutions and comes inserted in a three-ring binder. A CD of a recent hierarchical service using this music is also available. Cost is $20 per book; cost of the CD is $5; both include S&H. All orders must include prepayment. Contact: George Theodossiou, 53 Greenfield St. Brockton, MA 02301. Email: gtheodossiou@msn.com.

Demetrios Pappas: The first liturgical setting of the Demetrios Pappas Hymnal is being offered as a supplement completely adapted with the new Archdiocesan English translation. This liturgy offers traditional hymnology now in both Greek and English and in four SATB parts. Contact for purchase: Leah Pappas 33-20 Broadway Astoria N.Y. 11106. Email: ConDiLeah@aol.com or call 917-545-9962. 

Nancy Takis: New Byzantium Publications announces the publication of three Divine Liturgy music books in side-by-side Greek and English that use the new, officially approved Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America text. There are three books: one in 3-part harmony for SSA, TBB, or SAB choirs; one in 2-part Byzantine chant, Plagal Fourth Tone (Major); and one in 2-part Byzantine chant, Plagal First Tone (Minor). These books may be freely downloaded from www.newbyz.org, printed, copied, and distributed. They may also be used as e-books on tablet computers or smart phones. Contact: Stan Takis at 1900 Burkley Road, Williamston, MI 48895. Email: takistan@yahoo.com or phone 517-980-3830.

Chris J. Zervos:  This third choral setting, The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom: A Choral Setting in English and Greek for Accompanied Mixed Choirs, is a 100-page manuscript based on the Second Plagal Tone and uses the Archdiocesan-approved standard translations.  Written in English, it offers Greek hymn texts as well, often bi-lingually.  It includes a Doxology, 12 festal variations of the 2nd Antiphon, the 8 Apolytikia, the Trisagion Hymn with Hierarchical Tou Vimatos acclamations, 3 Cherubic Hymns, 3 Consecration Hymns, 3 Communion Hymns, and the major hymns for Memorial, Artoclasia, and Vesper services.  An appendix of 30 festal Apolytikia, Kontakia, Koinonika, and Megalinaria, as well as 10 recessionals and hymns of faith, are available separately. The book is available for purchase in two different formats, excluding postage and handling: Binder-ready, 3-hole punched at $20.00 and one binder-ready master copy with the rights to make 20 copies at $225.00. Contact: Chris J. Zervos at chrisjzervos106@gmail.com or 419-360-8087.


Uses the New English texts partially:

Christopher Kypros: Liturgy of Light, Christopher Kypros' third setting of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, is set entirely in English with music that blends Slavonic, Greek, and American traditions into an SATB work that honors the English language with original music that fits its natural flow, instead of forcing the translation into a box created for another language. This work celebrates the Light of the Holy Spirit that brings us universal love and healing. Order at www.kyprosliturgies.com. The link to listen to a computer-generated playlist of the Liturgy of Light is: https://soundcloud.com/qwerkypherky/sets/lol/sUd9xZ. Books are $22 each with S&H included. Contact: Chris Kypros at 333 Pefley Drive, Norfolk, VA 23502. Email: pherky@cox.net or phone 757-617-1484.