Lenten and Holy Week Resources

Hymn of Kassiani

Sung on Holy Tuesday, at the Bridegroom Service, in the traditional music of the 8th and 9th centuries A.D., in western and Byzantine notation. Greek and English (with English phonetics). 15 minutes in length.

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Kyriaki tu Pascha
(Easter Sunday) (PS-301)
Includes: Christos Anesti (the Apolytikion), Is Polla Eti Despota, Prolavuse ton Orthron, I ke en Tafo, and O Angelos Evoa. Has transcribed 14th century chant of Nenirkinde, the Megalynarion. Six pages in length, SATB and chant.

Megali Triti Esperas (Holy Tuesday Evening Service) (PS-303)

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Holy Friday Lamentations

The three stases of the Holy Friday Lamentations (Original Greek, phonetics and English translation that fits the English perfectly and poetically). It also includes the music of the first stanza of each stasis of the English translation. This was done at the request of His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago who selected the stanzas.

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(The following are downloadable MP3 files in English only.)

Holy Week Selections
Digital Chant Stand

The Resurrection Service of the Orthodox Church
(SEM 1003)
In addition to an introduction similar to that found in the Christmas book, this volume is a most valuable document from the standpoint of its musical content. The entire "Anastasis" is presented with three versions of the Kanon "Anastaseos Imera." A 12th Century version, a 13th Century version, and a familiar one is used today. These are printed one under the other with the present version on top, the 12th Century next, and the 13th Century underneath. These last two are so similar that only the changes are printed in the 13th. The hymns are harmonized according to 16th Century practice, the only idiom suitable for modal melodies.

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Come Receive the Light Hymnal

The Orthros Service of Holy Pascha in Western notation. Includes the priest and laity parts as well as the ison. Clearly written, spiral bound.

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Lamentation Music for Good Friday

This new, fourth revised edition contains some verses in English of the first three stasis, with an addition of the Evlogitaria. It includes the Doxology and Asmatikon Trisaghion, along with the traditional thrice-sung Kyrie Eleison and other pertinent hymns and responses. The style employed for the most part is in unison with a simple chordal accompaniment.

The Salutations to the Virgin Mary (Heretismi)
The Kanon (Anixo to Stoma Mou) that precedes the Akathist Hymn is written in three voice texture. The melody is sung by male and female voices accompanies by ison. It also has: To Prostahthen, Ti Ipermaho (3 arrangements), the Bortniansky Theodorides minor Kyrie Eleison with tenor or soprano obbligato, and Tin Oreotita. Contains Greek text and English phonetics.

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Orthros Of Holy and Great Saturday

Choral music for the service of Holy Friday evening including opening troparia, katavasias of the canon, Encomia in Greek & English, Evlogitaria, the Praises, Great Doxology and Procession, litanies, prokimena. Includes a copy of the Encomia texts in a format suitable for copying and distribution to the congregation. 130 pages in length.

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Holy Week and Pascha

A choral work based on traditional melodies with English phonetics and integrated English translation. Contains the Good Friday lamentations, abbreviated with separate score for each verse and the special hymns for the Resurrection Service. For SATB choir.

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A HOLY FRIDAY RETREAT: A PARISH HANDBOOK FOR PLANNING AND CONDUCTING A LENTEN RETREAT: An updated, 2010 "how-to" guide for conducting a retreat for young people on Holy Friday, emphasizing the integration of Orthodox theology, hymnology, iconography, and symbolism. Includes everything needed to host a successful retreat: schedule, activities, lessons, promotional materials, teaching outlines, and additional theme ideas for multiple years. Cost is $15 per copy plus shipping and handling.

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Defte Lavete Fos
(PS 1202)
Two pages in length, SATB.

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The Holy Saturday Morning Service
(J 501)
This is published in the Junior Choir Series and is designed for youth or junior choirs. Contains the hymns of the Vesper Service to be sung in unison in Greek and English. It also contains the substitutions for the Divine Liturgy on Holy Saturday morning. The folio is to be a companion of the Unison Liturgy by Tikey Zes. Chords for accompaniment are included. It allows participation of parents and/or relatives of the singers or other lay assistants. (This music is presented in the recordings of the "Excerpts from Holy Week and Easter" and is available through Perecles Phillips see listing under Recordings.)

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The Hymn of Kassiani

Original composition, alternating chant with ison and various voicings (SSA, SATB, etc.). Appropriate for the Kassiani Service on Holy Tuesday or as a concert number. Contains English phonetics.

The Troparion of Kassiane - by Polikratous (transcribed for SATB by D. Grobe & G. S. Raptis)

The following hymns are available in the Raptis Divine Liturgy book:

Christos Anesti
Dhefte Lavete Fos
Epeni I Ierusalim
Esimiothi Ef’ Imas
Evloyimenos O Erhomenos
O Angelos Evoa
Simeron Kremate
Ti Ipermaho
Tin Anastasin Su
Tin Kinin Anastasin
Tu Stavru Su Ton Tipon

Mr. George Raptis
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The Akathist Hymn
For mixed voices, in Greek.

Hymns of the Holy Week (1995)
For mixed voices, in Greek.

Let every flesh be silent (1998)
The Cherubic hymn of Holy Saturday, for tenor and mixed voices.

Now the powers of heaven (1998)
From the Liturgy of Presanctified gifts, for mixed voices.

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Hymn of Transfiguration, Hymns of Easter and Is Agios
All melodies are true Byzantine original melodic lines. Harmony by Selvaggio is medium to challenging, particularly Epi Si Heri. SATB. No cost for the music except for a mailing fee.

Mr. Vito J. Selvaggio
58 Staples St., Lowell, MA 01851  978-453 3610

(All music is available free of charge at the wedsite.)

The Holy Friday Lamentations (Ta Engomia)
An English translation of the Lamentations for Holy Friday that follows the Byzantine melodies note-for-note and accent-for-accent but is natural in syntax, accurate in meaning, and poetic in language. It is also available as a pew booklet for congregational singing, or as a choir book with accents highlighted. Both books have Greek, transliterated Greek, and English side-by-side for easy switching between languages. There are two versions, one in “King James” English and one in modern English. Authentic Byzantine melodies, provided by Metropolitan Maximos, are included; however, these translations can be sung easily with any of the traditional melodies and musical arrangements.

New Byzantium Publications
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Holy Week

Includes all the hymns for all the services of Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday evening through the Sunday Agape service. In Greek. 578 pages.

Akathist Includes all the hymns for Saturday evening Vespers and Sunday morning Matins,

Byzantine Music Publishing House
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Prayer of St. John Chrysostom - Christos Anesti

A paschal medley of the St. John Chrysostom prayer of Pascha set to an original composition and the Apolytikion of the Resurrection.

Tin Anastasin Su
Resurrection Hymn with both English and Greek phonetic transcription for accompanied mixed choir.

Tin Oreotita
Lenten hymn of the Akathyst service, with Greek text only, for accompanied mixed choir.

To You, Our Champion - Ti Ypermacho
Kontakion of Great Lent. For mixed choir, set with traditional melody and bilingual lyrics.

Mr. Chris J. Zervos
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Hymns for the Elevation and Adoration of the Cross
(HH 105)
In the Holiday Choral Series, this folio contains all the substitution hymns for the Elevation of the Cross (September 14th) and the Adoration of the Cross (3rd Sunday of Lent). Hymns are in SATB and traditional chant melody. English phonetics and interlinear translation is provided. 25 pages in length.

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Unpublished Liturgical Music for the Greek Orthodox Church
Single copies of hymns are available for examination from the composer. In most of the categories, hymns are available in English as well as Greek: Holy Week services: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Easter and Heretismi.

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