English Liturgical and Sacred Music

The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
Original music for mixed choir. Harmonized by Arthur Kanaracus.

Mr. John E. Ardas
11 Foster St. #315, Peabody, MA 01960  978-532-4276

In the Shelter of Thy Wings
The text is a prayer of the Greek Orthodox Church. SATB.

Published by: J. Fischer & Bro.
Div. of Belwin Mills Publishing Corp. (FEC 8627)

Vesperal Service For Any Occasion
Music by Theodore Bogdanos, Frank Desby, and Tikey Zes. Compiled and edited by Theodore Demos for use by the Young Adult League. Greek and English with English transliteration. All texts approved by Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver.

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver Church Music Federation
12 Tamerlain Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80130-3984  303-773-0777 E-mail: gtdemos1@comcast.net


MB12. Sunday Matins Music in the Eight Modes. 
Text in Greek and English, Music in English. Volumes MB1 – MB9 condensed into one large volume, 320 pages.

MB 13. Great Doxology in the Eight Modes – Byzantine Notation.

MB14. Original Melodies – Automela
Text in Greek and Engllish, Music in English, Index. Metric translation and music of seventy-one Original Melodies (Automela) for Stichera, Apolytikia, Kathismata, Kontakia and Exaposteilaria.

MB 17. Katavasia Chanted throughout the Year - Byzantine Notation.


MW 09. Sunday Matins Music
English Translation, Western Notation.

MW11. Small Supplicatory Canon (Small Paraklesis)
English Translation, Western Notation.

MW12. Original Melodies – Automela
Text in Greek and English, Music in English, Index. This is a new and expanded edition of MW12 that was published in 2000. Metric translation and music of seventy-one Original Melodies (Automela) for Stichera, Apolytikia, Kathismata, Kontakia and Exaposteilaria.

MW15. The Canon of Great and Holy Saturday
Text in Greek and English. Western music (simple melody) with English text. This Canon, known in Greek as “Kymati Thalasses”, is chanted on Good Friday night at the Lamentations Services. It is chanted again on Holy Saturday night, before the Resurrection service. Translated in meter by Fr. Seraphim Dedes. Edited and scored with introduction by George K. Duval.

MW 17. Katavasia Chanted throughout the Year

Rev. Seraphim Dedes
7900 Greenside Court, Charlotte, NC 28277  704-719-3074 E-mail: seraphimdedes@gmail.com

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, in English. In the 1st and Plagal First Modes
This Divine Liturgy, written expressly to be sung in English, uses the standard translation forms modified and adapted by Father Gallos to suit the new music which is based on traditional Byzantine melodies in the first and plagal first modes. The music is similar to Opus 3 and can be used interchangeably by those choirs whose priests like to use both Greek and English during one Liturgy. It is written for mixed choir, the organ accompaniment being the reduction of the choral parts.

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (Gallos II) in English
The familiar Sakellarides melodies are now available in English for mixed choir and/or children’s unison choir. It includes the Doxology and all eight of the Anastasima Apolytikia.

Evangeline Music Press
Chatterton Apartments, 1 Baratra Court # 103, Timonium, MD 21093-1860  410-308-0188 E-mail: aggallos@comcast.net

The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom for Mixed Choir
This Greek and English Liturgy is based on traditional melodies. It also incorporates music by Dr. S. A. Spathis (Agios O Theos to Enite) as arranged and adapted for any size mixed choir, with or without accompaniment. The original Greek is presented with English phonetics, and most of the liturgy can also be sung in English (only a few hymns and responses are not translated). The music is user friendly, no awkward page turn, and very sing able – no extreme ranges. It opens in D, moves to G for Ayios O Theos to Enite and finishes in Eb for Idhomen to Fos to the end. It also contains, in Greek and English, all eight Apolytikia and all possible substitutions for Soson Imas.

Mr. George N. George
608 Princeton, Palatine, IL 60074  847-359-6932

A Selection of Byzantine Hymns of the Orthodox Church
Byzantine hymns in Western notation the apolytikia, kontakia, megalinaria (magnificats) and koinonika (communion hymns) for the major feast and holy days organized according to the ecclesiastical calendar year. The hymns were transnotated from Byzantine notation into Western notation by Savas J. Savas. The work provides phonetics for the Greek text and set English text to the same melodies on the facing pages. Also included are: five hymns of supplication to St. Nektarios; four Christmas Orthros (Matins) hymns; and Theotoke Parthene for the Artoklasia. A total of 141 hymns, mostly melody only, some with simple harmonization’s. Three ring binder; 8 1/2 x 11 pages in length, removable for convenient use. Metropolitan Methodios of Boston approved the English translations.

Mrs. Andonea D. Guilbault
115 Tiffany Rd., Norwell, MA 02061  781-826-2773

The Divine Liturgy
Contains three settings of the Doxology, four of the Trisagion and Cherubic Hymn and two of the Anaphora. Common feast day megalynaria are included, along with all variations possible on Sundays for the second antiphon (Soson imas) and music for the Hierarchical Liturgy. All music is in Greek and English. The major source for the English text is the Holy Cross translation is the pan-Orthodox translation commissioned by the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in America (SCOBA); the unchanging elements of the liturgy follow this translation exactly. 239 pages in length. Published by the Southeastern Choir Federation.

The Divine Liturgy for Choir, Volume 2 (2008)
A supplement to Volume 1 (1997), this book contains the full melody of the Trisagion with Dynamis, Alleluia and Gospel responses in the 8 tones, 4 settings of the Cherubic Hymn and 3 settings of the Anaphora including litanies and responses in the respective tones. Also included are all Megalynaria not included in Volume 1, 4 Communion Psalms plus Greek and English settings of Tu Thipnu Su in Tone 6, Ton Stavron Su and Osi is Hriston as sung at Hierarchical liturgies. There is also music for Pre-Sanctified, the Liturgy conclusion for the Paschal season, psalm verses and refrains for the Antiphons not included in Volume 1, and hymns for the Elevation of the Cross and the ordination service. Translations are consistent with the 1997 book. (Published by the Southeastern Choir Federation). 
The Divine Liturgy: A Hymnal in Greek and English
An outgrowth of the hymnal chosen by the National Forum for use at the 1996 Clergy Laity Congress, this is a book designed to encourage congregational participation. The book incorporates most of the material contained in the above works, plus some other commonly used hymns. All hymns are presented in Greek and English, on facing pages. Melody line only. 9” X 6”, available in hardcover or Lexatone binding. 366 pages in length. Discount pricing is available for large orders.

Apolitikia and Kontakia
Contains the eight Sunday resurrectional hymns in Greek and in English translation. Also includes complete apolytikia in English for the twelve Great Feasts and Sundays of the Lenten, Paschal and Christmas seasons. This enlarged edition includes all seasonal kontakia, all in English and many in Greek as well. The three and four-part harmonizations are easy but retain musical interest. 184 pages.

Several settings of the Sunday communion hymn plus complete feast day koinonika; all in Greek and English. 83 pages in length.

Orthros of Holy Saturday, sung on Holy Friday evening
Choral music for the service of Holy Friday evening including opening troparia, katavasias of the canon, the Encomia (Lamentations) in Greek and English, Evlogitaria, the Praises, Great Doxology and procession, litanies, prokimena. Includes the Encomia in a booklet suitable for copying and distribution to the congregation. 130 pages.

Services for the Departed
Contains choral settings of the Memorial and Trisagion services in Greek and English, as well as the complete funeral service in English. Also includes hymns for the Divine Liturgy sung on the Saturdays of Souls. 89 pages in length.

The Troparion of Kassiane
Bilingual choral settings for Orthros of the Bridegroom sung on the evening of Holy and Great Tuesday. Includes the Alleluia and Apolikition, the Exapostilarion and the celbrated troparion of Kassiani the Nun. The English setting of the Troparion of Kassiane is also repeated in an unharmonized version (melody and ison only). 39 pages.

The Wedding Service
Contains Greek and English choral settings for the wedding service and a few choral selections for use before the ceremony. 44 pages in length.

(The above are large size, easily read, and engraved scores. Adaptation of the original melodies to English texts produces a satisfying fit between music and text. Greek settings include Greek alphabet and phonetics. Indices of Greek titles are included for easy reference. All the above have been carefully corrected and revised during 1997.)

Mr. Kevin Lawrence
4132 Snyder Dr., Winston Salem, NC 27117  336-306-3586 E-mail: kjlawrence@aol.com

A Choral Setting in Greek and English of the Divine Liturgy for the Greek Orthodox Church
Complete with all hymns for a Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. The score is formatted with Greek on the left and English on the right. The music was updated in 2016 to incorporate the approved official standard English text. The books come in a black binder for easy rearranging of the pages. Cost is $20 per book; cost of the CD is $5; both include S&H.

George Theodossiou
53 Greenfield Street, Brockton, MA 02301, E-mail: gtheodossiou@msn.com

The Divine Liturgy for Small Choir
Published 1989
Liturgy for SAB choir with Greek and English text, based on traditional Byzantine melodies and following the Holy Cross Liturgical Hymnal (also written by Maragos). Contains all the hymns and responses for the Divine Liturgy, the eight Resurrection Apolytikia, and the Hierarchical Service. 85 pages in length and spiral bound. Has Soprano melody line. When used with the Holy Cross Hymnal, the Orthodox congregation can worship and sing with the choir taking the musical lead. Separate Greek and English Doxology available.

Exohos Music Company
3625 Lakeview Ct. NE, Rochester, MN 55906  507-288 3379

The Divine Liturgy for Mixed Voices in Greek and English (SEM 1012)
This is a Liturgy based on traditional hymns. The main hymns appear twice, once in Greek and again in English, so there are no awkward adjustments of the text. Contains the basic Liturgy, eight apolytikia and hierarchichal liturgical responses. It is 161 pages in length, and one has two complete liturgies, one Greek and one in English. The Greek text with English phonetics.

Greek Sacred and Secular Music Society
Mr. Bill Lappas, PO Box 1779, Woodbridge, CA 95258  310-713-1117 Fax: 209-368-1852 E-mail: gssms@sbcglobal.net or billllappas@hotmail.com. Website: http://gssms.org

Great Doxology
A four-part Doxology, plagal first mode, Greek and English.

Exohos Music Company
3625 Lakeview Ct. NE, Rochester, MN 55906  507-288-3379

Holy Cross Liturgical Hymnal
A Greek and English Hymnal containing the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the Resurrection Apolytikia, Hymns of the Menaion, Hymns of Lent and Easter, Hymns of the Pentecostal Season, the Memorial Service and the Service of Thanksgiving following Holy Communion.

Holy Cross Bookstore
50 Goddard Ave., Brookline, MA 02445  800-245-0599 FAX: 617-850-1430 E-mail: hcbks@hchc.edu

Thy Mystical Supper
(ES 601)
The usual hymn sung during communion.

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver Church Music Federation
12 Tamerlain Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80130-3984  303-773-0777 E-mail: gtdemos1@comcast.net

The Great Doxology

Set entirely in English and arranged for two parts, women and men, with separate organ part. The music concludes with an inspiring arrangement of Salvation to the World (Simeron Sotiria).

The Sacrament of Marriage
English arrangement of the responses and hymns for the Sacrament of Marriage. Arranged for four part, SATB, choir and organ.

PM Publishing Company
P.O. Box 11301, Glendale, AZ 85318 E-mail: palladm1@cox.net

The Greek Orthodox Hymnal
The Greek Orthodox Hymnal is a compilation of all music needed by the Greek Orthodox Choir during the year. It includes arranged and original music of three liturgies, one of which is in English.
Includes complete Apolitikia, Doxology, Anastasima, Feast Day, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Wedding, Funeral, Mnimosinon, Vesper, Artoklasia, Hierarchical and a section called "Diafora" which includes many substitutions. It comes in an attractive hardbound cover and contains 380 pages. The Index and contents are available in English phonetics.

Mr. Demetrios Pappas
33 20 Broadway, LIC, NY 11106  718-728 2188

The Holy Saturday Morning Service
(J 501)
This is published in the Junior Choir Series and is designed for youth or junior choirs. Contains the hymns of the Vesper Service to be sung in unison in Greek and English. It also contains the substitutions for the Divine Liturgy on Holy Saturday morning. The folio is to be a companion of the Unison Liturgy by Tikey Zes. Chords for accompaniment are included. It allows participation of parents and/or relatives of the singers or other lay assistants. (This music is presented in the recordings of the "Excerpts from Holy Week and Easter" and is available through Perecles Phillips see listing under Recordings.)

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver Church Music Federation
12 Tamerlain Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80130-3984  303-773-0777 E-mail: gtdemos1@comcast.net

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostomos English setting
The entire liturgy, except for the Apolitikia, is in E minor or E Major. It is of medium difficulty, and “singer friendly” (with no counterpoint). The Doxology is an original chant setting composed specifically for this liturgy by Nancy Takis. Most of the melodies for the hymns and responses are original except the following: the Cherubic Hymn (the melody is by John Sakellarides); the Axion Estin (the melody is by Papagathangellos); the Apolitikia (the melodies of Sakellarides); and the traditional chant settings of Agapisose Kyrie, Ton Evloghounta and Ton Dhespotin. Chant settings with ison are interwoven with various voicing (SATB, SSA, etc.) throughout the liturgy. The liturgy is printed on 70 lb. stock, spiral bound, and with a heavy chrome-coat cover and back.

Mr. George S. Raptis
4255 Foxpointe Drive, W. Bloomfield, MI 48323-2611  248-738-3818

Receive Me Today
Two pages in length.

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver Church Music Federation
12 Tamerlain Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80130-3984  303-773-0777 E-mail: gtdemos1@comcast.net

The Divine Liturgies as Chanted on the Holy Mountain
Byzantine Music in Western Notation in English and Greek
A collection of more than 3,000 pages of Byzantine music in both Western and Byzantine notation in the style of chanting used on the Holy Mountain. The scope of this project covers the liturgies of St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, St. James, and the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, as well as many doxologies and all hymns for Vespers. The words of the hymns are provided in Elizabethan English, Modern English, and Greek. Interactive CD-ROM is available. To view, hear, and print this music for free, go to: http://www.stanthonysmonastery.org/music/Index.html

St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery
4784 N. St. Joseph’s Way, Florence, AZ 85232  520/868-3188 FAX: 520-868-3088 E-Mail: bookstore@stanthonysmonastery.org

(All music is available free of charge at the website)

  • The Divine Liturgy (3 settings)
  • Plagal Fourth Tone Chant
  • Plagal First Tone Chant

Combined three-part harmony and chant in various modes
These liturgy settings are intended for chanters, choirs, and congregations who use both Greek and English. The two languages are placed side-by-side, and the music is adjusted for easy switching between languages. The English is available in both “King James” and modern syntax and the translation of the hymns follows the melodic formulas of the Church, so that there is no awkward phrasing. Chant renditions are in staff notation with melodic line and ison written out.

The liturgy settings are available both in a letter-sized book format for choirs and in 7 x 8½” size for congregational use. Both books include a memorial service; the congregational books include a hymnal of the most-used apolytikia, kontakia, megalynaria, and other hymns. Both books include the entire text of the liturgy in Greek, Greek phonetics, and English. Customized books are available for your parish.

Agni Parthene (O Virgin Pure)
By St. Nektarios, in Greek and English.

Cherubic Hymn
Set in English to an original melody in the Eighth Mode.

Cherubic Hymn for Holy Saturday: Sighisato pasa sarx vrotia
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent

Complete Music for the Orthodox Betrothal and Wedding Services
In Greek and English set with melodic line and ison in the proper musical tones.

Communion Hymn For Holy Saturday: Exigherthi o ipnon
The Lord was Awakened

Post Communion Hymn for Holy Saturday: Mnisthiti efspaghne
Remember us

Doxology in the First Mode
In Greek and English. Chant with ison can be sung antiphonally or by one choir. This music was composed for the George S. Raptis choral setting of the Divine Liturgy.

Fimi of Metropolitan Nicholas of Detroit

Agapiso se Kyrie and Ton Dhespotin for Hierarchical Liturgies

Kyrie soson tous efsevis for Hierarchical Liturgies

Anasta O Theos / Arise, O Lord  Gospel Response of Holy Saturday,

Kyrie Ekekraxa
Set with chant lines and isons, in all eight modes, in Greek and English.

Odes from the Salutations
The eight odes sung during the Friday night services of lent, in both modern English and King James. A melodic line with ison is included, as well as a harmonized version. These texts correspond exactly to the accents and meters of the Greek texts, and can be sung with any melodic lines that fit the Greek text, syllable for syllable.

Odes of the Paraklesis Service
The eight odes sung during the first fifteen days of August, in both modern English and King James. A chant line with ison is included, although these texts correspond exactly to the accents and meters of the Greek texts, and can be sung with any melodic lines that fit the Greek text, syllable for syllable.

Psalm 23
Psalm 23, “The Lord is My Shepherd,” in King James English set to an original Byzantine melody in the 8th Mode with ison. Appropriate for both solo and choir. Although this popular text does not have a significant place in Orthodox hymnody, this composition can be used for antidoron or at the end of funeral services.

Psalm 135
The King James version set in the first mode.

Psalm 145
In King James English, set in chant and ison in the fourth mode, plus a harmonized version.

Se Imnoumen
Original composition in D minor in Greek and English, both chant and harmonized versions.

Simeron Kremate Sakellarides version in Greek.

Today is hung English version by Nancy Takis.

The Beatitudes First Tone, in English.

The Holy Friday Lamentations (Ta Engomia)
An English translation of the Lamentations for Holy Friday that follows the Byzantine melodies note-for-note and accent-for-accent, but is natural in syntax, accurate in meaning, and poetic in language. It is also available as a pew booklet for congregational singing, or as a choir book with accents highlighted. Both books have Greek, transliterated Greek, and English side-by-side for easy switching between languages. There are two versions, one in “King James” English and one in modern English. Authentic Byzantine melodies, provided by Metropolitan Maximos, are included, however, these translations can be sung easily with any of the traditional melodies and musical arrangements.

The Liturgical Hymns of Christmas
These include the Apolitikion (I Yennesi Sou), the two Kontakia, the Megalinarion, and the Communion Psalm (Litrosin) with antiphons, all in Greek and English. The Apolytikion and Kontakia match the syllabic and accent configuration of the Greek text, and can be sung with any arrangement that works with the Greek text. The Megalinarion and Communion Psalm have slightly altered melodic lines to accommodate the texts, as does the Trisagion Hymn (Osi is Christon). All settings are written in chant with ison.

The Lord’s Prayer
This “Our Father,” originally written in Church Slavonic by N. Kedrov, has been adapted for both King James English and Greek for 4-part mixed voices.

The Sunday Resurrection Apolytikia
Set with chant lines and isons in the eight modes, in side-by-side Greek and English.

Theotokion from the Funeral Service
In English.

Troparion of Kassiane
In English, by Nancy Takis, Plagal Fourth Tone.

Troparion of Kassiane
In Greek, by John Sakellarides, Plagal Fourth Tone. 

New Byzantium Publications
1900 Burkley Rd., Williamston, MI 48895-9755  517-655-2060 E-mail: takistan@yahoo.com

The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom: A Bilingual Choral Setting
English and Greek phonetic transcriptions in one musical score. Based on traditional Byzantine melodies, for mixed choir with organ accompaniment. Includes Doxology, Apolytikia, and Recessionals in English.

The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom: A Choral Setting in English and Greek (2007).
A second, original choral setting in English and Greek, for mixed choir with organ accompaniment. Includes Doxology (English), Resurrection Apolytikia, festal variations of the Second Antiphon, 21 festal hymns, and 8 recessionals.

Faithfully Yours
A Collection of occasional music celebrating the cycle of life. 32 original compositions for keyboard soloists or accompanied vocalists. Appropriate for recessionals, weddings, anniversaries, and other celebratory occasions. Available in 8.5” x 11”, spiral bound format. CD recordings are available of each piece or of the accompaniment only. Solos are available in your preferred key. Includes the following titles:

  • Bless This Child - A lullaby prayer for the new born child; for mixed choir
  • Walk With Him Today - A recessional for a capella or accompanied mixed choir
  • Sunday Afternoons - A song of marriage renewal for accompanied vocal soloist
  • Crazy In Love With You - A love song of commitment for accompanied vocalist
  • Herald Anthem - A processional for keyboard soloist
  • Theme & Variation - A processional for keyboard soloist
  • Procession in May - A processional for keyboard soloist
  • Psalm 23: The Lord Is My Shepherd - A recessional for accompanied mixed chorus
  • Our Father: The Lord’s Prayer - For accompanied vocal soloist
  • Just Because: A children’s Song of Faith - For accompanied youth singers
  • Psalm 150: Praise The Lord - A song of praise and thanksgiving for accompanied mixed choir
  • Psalm 100: Make A Joyful Sound - For accompanied mixed choir
  • Psalm 67: Let All People Praise Him - For accompanied mixed choir with youth singers
  • Psalm 67: Let All People Praise Him - A wedding song for accompanied soloist
  • Generation To Generation - A processional for keyboard soloist
  • Dance To The Music - A wedding waltz for accompanied vocal soloist
  • Halleluia, Halleluia! - A Christmas song for accompanied mixed choir with youth singers
  • Go To Sleep - A Christmas lullaby for accompanied mixed choir
  • Paschal Medley - Prayer of St. John Chrysostom and the Resurrection Hymn, Christ Is Risen
  • Doxology: Glory To You Who Gives Us Light - For mixed choir
  • Hymn of the Cherubim - (modal) for mixed choir
  • Walk With Me - A wedding song for accompanied vocal soloist
  • Faithfully Yours - A song of encouragement and renewal, for accompanied vocal soloist
  • Sing Praise To Them - A song of faith honoring parents, for accompanied vocal soloist
  • Songs Yet To Sing - A song of remembrance, for accompanied vocal soloist
  • Among The Saints - A Memorial Service hymn, for accompanied mixed choir
  • Everlasting Be Their Memory - A Memorial Service hymn for mixed choir
  • In Those Quiet Times - A song of friendship, for accompanied Baritone or alto soloist
  • God’s Plan - A song of Christian stewardship, for accompanied vocalist
  • With A Smile - A song of faith and encouragement, for accompanied soloist
  • In My Heart - A song of praise and thanksgiving, for accompanied mixed choir
  • Christmas Bells - A Christmas song for accompanied mixed choir

Mr. Chris J. Zervos
2159 Evergreen Road, Ottawa Hills, OH 43606  419-534-2937 E-mail: chrisjzervos@aol.com

Service of Pentecost Vespers of Kneeling
Music by Tikey Zes. 54 pages in length. Compiled and edited by George T. Demos, MD. English translations are by Rev. Evagoras Constantinides. All text is approved by Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver. Contains all of the music and the text of the prayers for this service.

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver Church Music Federation
12 Tamerlain Ct., Highlands Ranch, CO 80130-3984  303-773-0777 E-mail: gtdemos1@comcast.net

A Liturgy with English Text (1992)
The choral music for this liturgy in English is based mainly on traditional Neo Byzantine melodies. The writing is generally for SATB with many hymns optionally written for unison chorus with organ accompaniment. Included is a Doxology (Mode III the familiar one), Those Who Have Been Baptized (Osi Is Christon), Before Your Cross (Ton Stavron Su), All Creation Rejoices in You (Epi Si Heri), and the eight Resurrection hymns.

Memorial Service
The music is based on traditional melodies and adapted to the English by John Velon. Included are: The Benedictions (Evlogitonia), Among Your Saints (Meta ton Agion), With the Righteous Souls (Meta Pnevmaton) and Eternal Memory (Eonia Imnimi).

Music for Holy Tuesday
Based on Post Byzantine Chant. In Greek and English and arranged for mixed chorus and organ.

Music for the Salutations of the Theotokos
Based on traditional melodies. In Greek and English and arranged for mixed chorus. Includes responses Here Nymfi and Alliluia, Ti Ypermaho, and Tin Oreotita.

Sacrament of Holy Matrimony for the Orthodox Church
In Greek and English. Based on traditional Byzantine chant.

The Divine Liturgy in Greek and English
A complete liturgy with hymns and responses in Greek and English. O moderate difficulty, with 2, 3 and 4 part writing. Most of the hymns and responses may be done in unison. Includes a Doxology (the familiar one in Mode III) and an appendix with several hymns for major feast days.

Your Pure and Holy Image (Tin Ahranton Ikona Su)
May be performed SATB or in unison. Based on the traditional melody. Translation by the Rev. Dr. Leonidas Contos.

Zes Press
2503 Booksin Ave., San Jose, CA 95125  408-723 0640 E-mail: tzes@SBCglobal.net

Receive the Body of Christ English
Communion hymn for Easter. Music by Tikey Zes; English adaptation by Vladimir Morosan.

Orthodox Music Press
Musica Russica: 800-326-3132 http://www.musicarussica.com/

A Musical Setting of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in English

A musical setting of the Divine Liturgy composed and arranged in the first and first plagal modes for unison choir and accompaniment. Written in English.

Eight Resurrection Hymns
An arrangement of the eight resurrection hymns, for unison choir and accompaniment.

4808 Park Glen Rd., Minneapolis, MN 55416  952-925-3888 E-mail: info@Light-N-Life.com