Congregational Singing

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom (Gallos II)
This Liturgy is arranged for children's unison choir, and for mixed (SATB) choir. The organ accompaniment is a reduction of the vocal parts. The Liturgy has the Greek text along with the English phonetics. It includes a Doxology and all eight Anastasima Apolytikia. The melodies are based on the Sakellarides and Kapsaski Byzantine adaptations.

The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in English (Gallos II)
The familiar Sakellarides melodies are now available in English for mixed choir and/or children’s unison choir. It includes the Doxology and all eight of the Anastasima Apolytikia.

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The Divine Liturgy: A Hymnal in Greek and English

An outgrowth of the hymnal chosen by the National Forum for use at the 1996 Clergy-Laity Congress, this is a setting designed to encourage congregational participation. The hymnal incorporates most of the material contained in the above works, plus some other commonly used hymns. All hymns are presented in Greek and English, on facing pages. Melody line only. 9” X 6”, available in hardcover or Lexatone binding. 366 pages in length. Discount pricing is available for large orders.

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The Divine Liturgy for Small Choir Published 1989
Liturgical setting for SAB choir with Greek and English text, based on traditional Byzantine melodies and following the Holy Cross Liturgical Hymnal (also written by Maragos). Contains all the hymns and responses for the Divine Liturgy, the eight Resurrection Apolytikia, and the Hierarchical Service. 85 pages in length and spiral bound. Has Soprano melody line. When used with the Holy Cross Hymnal, the Orthodox congregation can worship and sing with the choir taking the musical lead. Separate Greek and English Doxology available.

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Holy Cross Liturgical Hymnal (Maragos)
A Greek and English Hymnal containing the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the Resurrection Apolytikia, Hymns of the Menaion, Hymns of Lent and Easter, Hymns of the Pentecostal Season, the Memorial Service and the Service of Thanksgiving following Holy Communion.

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(All music is available free of charge at the website.)

The Divine Liturgy of Our Father Among the Saints, John Chrysostom in Greek and English and in 3-Part Harmony and Byzantine Chant
There are two Divine Liturgy books available. Both books contain the entire Divine Liturgy, including the audible and inaudible prayers of the priest. Both books are side-by-side Greek and English for easy switching between languages, and would make appropriate pew books. Both books are based upon the familiar melodies of the American Greek Orthodox Church. Both books include the Memorial service and the Artoklasia service. The first book is in simplified chant, with a melodic line and ison in staff notation, predominantly in the Plagal Fourth Tone (Major). There is an alternative middle section in Plagal First Tone (Minor) beginning with the Cherubic hymn and continuing through the Communion Hymn. The second book is in 3-part harmony, beginning and ending in C major, with a D minor section beginning with the Cherubic hymn and continuing through the Megalynarion. Both books are available in King James English and Modern English. We can customize a Divine Liturgy for your home parish with your church hymn and any other particulars. Both books are available free of charge at:

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Divine Liturgy Hymnal
(The Green Hymnal)
A hymnal of the Divine Liturgy for use in congregational singing, Church Schools, conferences and youth groups. It includes the text of the Liturgy, and the music and words to all hymns and responses are in Greek, phonetics, and English. Some of the major feast day hymns are also included in both languages. Music is unison, based on the John Sakellarides melodic lines. Two instructional cassette tapes and an accompaniment book are also available.

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A Unison Liturgy for Greek Orthodox Choirs
(L 102)
Published 1976. Second Edition in 1980.
This is a work that can be done as a choral work, mixed voices, or as a strictly unison, melody-only rendition with organ accompaniment. The melodic line has therefore been printed separately to facilitate the unison interpretation. The work is based on traditional material as well as original contributions. Recommended for camp groups, youth choirs, etc. Contains English phonetics and interlinear translation by Theodore Bogdanos. (The Great Doxology is available as a supplement. See Tikey Zes listing in the Hymns and Service Music section.)

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