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A Greek Byzantine Christmas
Twenty four Christmas chants performed by Ted Alevizos. This disk samples the musical legacy of the Eastern Orthodox church. Most of the chants are hymns for Christmas, including the cycle of twelve hymns on the birth of Christ. Among the disk’s other content are 8th century hymns on the Nativity by Cosmas of Crete and St. John of Damascus.

A Greek Byzantine Easter
Opening with the Lenten Hymn, commemorating the Annunciation of the Virgin (March 25th) the recording then covers the period of Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. Chanted by Ted Alevizos.

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Greek‑Byzantine Liturgical Hymnal
Contains two liturgies written in major and minor settings: 1) Enharmonic ‑ Minor Imperial Byzantine Liturgy and 2) Diatonic ‑ Major Byzantine Royal Liturgy. Includes most of the extra liturgical hymns used throughout the year. The Appendix of the book is very accurate in the transcription of chant and the placement of the Ison. This work is a good standard Liturgy for most choirs to use. The completeness of the volume and its organization make it suitable for men or women, as well as mixed groups. Drawn from the composition of many Byzantine composers. The work is of medium difficulty. Greek Phonetics and English text are included.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral/ATTN: Katie Faklis

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Byzantine Musical Anthology
This work consists of six volumes (2,802 pages) and includes, in Greek and English (with English phonetics), the various ecclesiastical celebrations, in their traditional and most strict classical Byzantine melodies. Volume I, The Hierarchical, (420 pages) contains:

  1. All the hymns (Vespers, Matins, Holy Liturgy) sung at all ecclesiastical celebrations.
  2. The history of each hymn.
  3. Comprehensive history of the Byzantine Music.
  4. The relationship between Byzantine and Ancient Hellenic Music.
  5. The ecclesiastical procedure for the presence of the hierarch.

Hymns in the book can be sung in solo, unison or in three-voice harmony. An organ part is included but is optional or for rehearsal only.

Hymn of Kassiani
Sung at the Holy Tuesday Bridegroom Service; traditional music of the 8th and 9th centuries AD, in western and Byzantine notation. Greek and English (with English phonetics). 15 minutes in length.

Sunday School Hymn
Based on Mark 18:14, in Greek and English (with English phonetics).

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Thy Cross We Adore Exaltation of the Cross: Matins - Liturgy
A CD of Byzantine chant in English by the Romeiko Ensemble under the direction of Yioryos Bilalis.

Dr. Yioryos Bilalis
38 Sandybrooke Dr., Langhorne, PA 19047  215-750-1033 E-mail:

The Byzantine Liturgy: Hymnology and Order (SB301)

Over 500 pages in length. The book contains all the special (substituted) hymns used in the Divine Liturgy on any Sunday and major feast days of the year: dismissal hymns, small entrance hymns, kontakia, megalynaria, and communion hymns. The major feasts are presented in both their weekday and Sunday liturgical format. The book also provides the order of service (taxis) for every Sunday and major feast of the year, covering all possible combinations of Sundays and immovable and movable feasts throughout the entire church calendar. Each hymn is presented as a chant melody with ison (drone) and organ chordal harmonic accompaniment, with a few variations. An English interlinear translation is also given. Several appendices are included and contain:

  1. All special services and ceremonial processions for any Sunday or major feast day of the year.
  2. A 100‑year Pascal Calendar (1992‑2099) indicating:
    1. The mode of each Sunday in each year.
    2. Any movable and immovable feast that may coincide with that Sunday.
  3. The church hymns (tu Naou) of all the churches in the U.S.A.
  4. A glossary of terms used in the book.
  5. The musical and textual sources used in the book.

The book is extensively cross‑indexed with separate chronological index, alphabetical index, and index of hymns in Greek. The book is hard‑bound and has ribbon place markers.

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Epiphany: Medieval Byzantine Chant

This recording features music for the feasts of January 1st (St. Basil and the Circumcision of Christ) and of January 6th (Epiphany, or Theophany, as it is known in the East). It is chanted by Byzantine Chant scholar Ioannis Arvanitis of Athens.

Music of Byzantium
This CD was released in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art for its 2004 exibit “Byzantium: Faith and Power”. The CD features recordings from recent concerts of Cappella Romana’s concerts of Byzantine chant, dating from 1261 to 1556.

When Augustus Reigned: Christmas Music from the Byzantine Traditon
Byzantine hymns taken from the Christmas and Theophany services.

Cappella Romana
3131 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR 97232  Toll free 866-822-7735

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Dismissal Hymns and Kontakia of the Orthodox Church
A compilation of the texts of the Resurrection Dismissal Hymns and the Theotokia of the eight tones; the Dismissal Hymns of Saints’ Feast Days and fixed Holy Days of the whole year; Dismissal Hymns of the Triodion, Pentecostarion, and the Kontakia for the whole year provided in the original Greek with phonetics and English to fit the traditional melodies. An addendum includes texts for several hymns of other Saints and Martyrs, Fos Ilaron, Tin Oreotita, Epi Si Heri, Apostoli Ek Peraton, Panta Horigi to Pnevma to Agion, Soma Hristou, Theotoke Parthene of the Artoklasia, Plousii Eptohefsan ke Eepinasan, Mistikos i Theotoke, and others.

Holy Friday Lamentations
The three stases of the Holy Friday Lamentations (Original Greek, phonetics and English translation that fits the English perfectly and poetically). It also includes the music of the first stanza of each stasis of the English translation. This was done at the request of His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago who selected the stanzas.

Rev. Evagoras Constantinides
9433 Arthur St., Crown Point, IN 46307-1914  216-663-2276

(The following are downloadable MP3 files in English only.)

  • Sunday Matins in the Eight Modes
  • Doxologies
  • Katavasias
  • Saturday Evening Vespers in the Eight Modes
  • Holy Week Selections



  • A Scent of Spiritual Fragrance Tape, Greek, Holy Cross Choir, Rev. Kastanas, Director
  • A Greek Byzantine Christmas #W3703, CD, Greek, chanted by Ted Alevizos
  • A Greek Byzantine Easter CD, Greek, chanted by Ted Alevizos
  • Agni Parthene #W3714, CD, Greek, Monks of Simonospetras
  • Akathist Hymn CD or Tape, Greek, S. Karas
  • Akathist Hymn Tape, Greek, Photis Ketsetzis
  • Akathist Hymn CD, Greek, L. Angelopoulos and Greek Byzantine Choir
  • Ancient Hymns for Modern Times CD, Tape, English/Greek chanted by Katerina Sitaras Makiej
  • Byzantine Hymns of Christmas #W3701, CD; Greek, chanted by Simon Karas
  • Byzantine Hymns of Epiphany #W3706, CD, Greek, chanted by Simon Karas
  • Byzantine Music in the New World – Holy Week CD or Tape, English, V. Hadjinicolaou
  • Byzantine Music in the New World – Orthodox Saints CD or Tape, English, V. Hadjinicolaou
  • Byzantine Music in the New World – Selected Hymns CD or Tape, English, V. Hadjinicolaou
  • Choral Music of the Liturgical Year CD or Tape, Greek/English, Choir of Denver
  • Christmas CD or Tape, Greek, S. Karas
  • Christmas Tape Greek, chanted by Photis Kesetzis
  • Christmas: Hymns and Carols #W0701 Greek, Tape, Choir of Holy Cross Seminary
  • Christmas Hymns #W3704, CD, Greek, Choir of Vatopaidi Fathers
  • Circumcision of Christ Tape Greek, Photis Ketsetzis
  • Christmas Hymns #W3705, Tape, Greek, chanted by Photis Ketsetzis

Divine Liturgy:

  • Licourgos Angelopoulos #W3721, CD, Greek
  • Choir in Australia #W3722,CD, English, St. George Greek Church, Australia
  • Choir, Frank Desby #W3718, CD, Greek, music by Dr. Frank Desby
  • Denver Choir #W3720, CD, Greek, music by Dr. Theodore Bogdanos
  • N. Georgafentis CD, Greek
  • Symphonic Orthodox Liturgy #W3719, CD, Greek, D. Papapostolou
  • Easter Tape Greek, N. Georgafentis
  • Easter Tape Greek, Photis Ketsetzis


  • Akathist Hymn CD or Tape, English
  • Great Vespers CD or Tape. English
  • O Gladsome Light CD or Tape, English
  • Pascha – Come Receive the Light CD or Tape, English


  • Paraklesis – The Mother of Light CD or Tape, English
  • Epiphany CD or Tape, Greek, S. Karas
  • Epiphany Hymns #W3713, CD, Greek, Choir of Vatopaidi Fathers
  • Epiphany Hymns #W3707, Tape, Greek, chanted by Photis Kesetzis
  • Epiphany Hymns: Vespers, Orthros and Agiasmos #W3708, Tape, Greek, by Photis Ketsetzis
  • Epitaphos and Easter CD or Tape, Greek, S. Karas
  • First Fruits – Selected Hymns CD or Tape, English, Boston Byzantine Choir
  • Great Lent Tape, Greek, chanted by Photis Ketsetzis
  • Holy Week CD, Greek, Photis Ketsetzis
  • Hymns from January 1st #W3709, Tape, Greek, Photis Ketsetzis
  • Hymns from the Psalter #W3715, CD, Greek, Monks of Simonospetras
  • Hymns of Holy Week CD, Greek, Choir St. Spyridon, San Diego, CA
  • In Bethlehem Christmas Carols #W3711, Tape, English, #W3712, CD; English; Holy Nativity Convent
  • Lazarus Come Forth CD, Greek, Yorgos Bilalis
  • Matins Service of the Nativity #W3710, Tape, English, chanted by Elias Modenos
  • Mystical Supper CD and Tape, English, Boston Byzantine Choir
  • Sunday Matins Music #W0720, Tape, English, Fr. Seraphim Dedes
  • The Christmas Story #W0715, CD, English, Katina
  • The Anastasimatarion Tape, Greek, chanted by Photis Ketsetzis
  • Theophany Tape, Greek, chanted by Photis Ketsetzis
  • Thy Cross We Adore CD, Greek, Yiorgos Bilalis/Romeika Ensemble
  • Triodion Tape, Greek, chanted by Photis Ketsetzis
  • Vespers Vol. 1 – Tones 1 and 8 CD or Tape, English, V. Hadjinicolaou
  • When Augustus Reigned #W3702, CD, Cappella Romana
  • Byzantine Music Tones Tape, Greek, chanted by Photis Ketsetzis
    • Tone I #W3723
    • Tone II #W3724
    • Tone III #W3725   
    • Tone IV #W3726
    • Tone V #W3727
    • Tone VI #W3728  
    • Tone VII #W3729
    • Tone VIII #W3730
    • All Tones #W3731

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Psalm Verses of the Orthodox Liturgy
The appropriate psalms, chapter/verses as they are used in the antiphonal, alleluia, entrance, prokeimena, and communion hymn verses and their Biblical citations for the entire year, Sundays, Feast Days, Saints, Martyrs, Funerals, Weddings, etc.

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Guide to the Transcription of Post-Byzantine Chant
A publication which sets forth the National Forum’s recommendations concerning guidelines and procedures to be used when transcribing hymns from Byzantine neumes to Western notation.

National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians
3814 Regents Circle, Bloomington, IN 47401  812-855-8248 E-mail:

Byzantine music in the Early Christian Period, Medieval Period, Later Byzantine, and Post-Byzantine Periods
by A paper by Dimitri Conomos, Ph.D.


Great Vespers
The Great Vespers, transcribed into European music with phonetics. Easily sung by a small male group:

  • St. Anthony the Great
  • St. Athanasios
  • St. Demetrios
  • Exaltation of the Holy Cross
  • Easter Sunday Vespers
  • Sts. Constantine and Helen
  • St. Gerasimos
  • Transfiguration
  • St. Paraskevei
  • St. John the Baptist
  • Sts. Peter and Paul
  • Archangels Michael and Gabriel
  • Kimisis Tis Theotokou
  • All Saints Vesper
  • Vesper of the 6th Sunday from Pascha (Blind Man)
  • St. Nicholas Vesper

Mr. Demetrios Pappas
33‑20 Broadway, Long Island City, NY 11106  718-728‑2188


Byzantine Music Formulae
This 975-page book is a thorough compilation of Byzantine Music formulae in all eight modes. It is an indispensable tool for all who wish to compose in any language traditional liturgical music that adheres to the complex formulaic rules of Byzantine chant. The book is available online for free.

The Divine Liturgies as Chanted on the Holy Mountain:
Byzantine Music in Western Notation in English and Greek
A collection of more than 3,000 pages of Byzantine music in both Western and Byzantine notation in the style of chanting used on the Holy Mountain. The scope of this project covers the liturgies of St. John Chrysostom, St. Basil the Great, St. James, and the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, as well as many doxologies and all hymns for Vespers. The words of the hymns are provided in Elizabethan English, Modern English, and Greek. Interactive CD-ROM is available.

To view, hear, and print this music for free, please visit the website at:

Teach Yourself Byzantine Music Notation
This free online book by Ioannis Margaziotis teaches one how to read Byzantine music notation without a teacher. Beside each exercise is an embedded recording of it being chanted that can be heard by double-clicking it. Explanations in English are included for those who do not know Greek.

The free online book is available at:

St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery
4784 N. St. Joseph’s Way, Florence, AZ 85232  520-868-3188 FAX: 520-868-3088 E-Mail:

Hymns of the Greek Orthodox Sunday Divine Liturgy
Volume 1 – Greek
The hymn book covers the entire ecclesiastical year, including Apolitikia, Kontakia, Megalinaria, and Koinonika in Greek only with English phonetics. The English translation of each hymn is included but only a few translations are set to music. The hymns are traditional Byzantine chants presented in western notation as single melodic lines suitable for use by large or small choirs or psalti. Each hymn is referenced as to its source of the original Byzantine notation. The book comes with a compact disk (CD) which contains the entire hymn book in Portable Document Format (PDF) that allows the user to print individual hymns and to listen to them played on their computer sound system. Over 260 hymns included. Indexed. 8 ½ x 11 in size and spiral bound. Endorsed by Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver.

Mr. George Stefanidakis
76 Wycomb Lane, Houston, TX 77070  281-469-0986 E-mail:

(All music is available free of charge at

The Divine Liturgy (3 settings)
Plagal Fourth Tone Chant
Plagal First Tone Chant
Combined three-part harmony and chant in various modes
These liturgy settings are intended for chanters, choirs, and congregations who use both Greek and English. The two languages are placed side-by-side, and the music is adjusted for easy switching between languages. The English is available in both “King James” and modern syntax and the translation of the hymns follows the melodic formulas of the Church, so that there is no awkward phrasing. Chant renditions are in staff notation with melodic line and ison written out. The liturgy settings are available both in a letter-sized book format for choirs and a 7” X 8 ½” size for congregational use. Both books include a memorial service and the congregational books include a hymnal of the most-used apolytikia, kontakia, megalynaria, and other hymns. Both books include the entire text of the liturgy in Greek, Greek phonetics, and English. Customized books are available for your parish.

The Holy Friday Lamentations (Ta Engomia)
An English translation of the Lamentations for Holy Friday that follows the Byzantine melodies note-for-note and accent-for-accent but is natural in syntax, accurate in meaning, and poetic in language. It is also available as a pew booklet for congregational singing, or as a choir book with accents highlighted. Both books have Greek, transliterated Greek, and English side-by-side for easy switching between languages. There are two versions, one in “King James” English and one in modern English. Authentic Byzantine melodies, provided by Metropolitan Maximos, are included; however, these translations can be sung easily with any of the traditional melodies and musical arrangements.

The Sunday Resurrection Apolytikia
Set with chant lines and isons in the eight modes, in side-by-side Greek and English.

Mrs. Nancy Takis
1900 Burkley Rd., Williamston, MI 48895  517-655-2060 E-mail:

Transcriptions of Melodies and Hymns from Byzantine Chant into Western Notation:

  • Anastasimatarion (Sunday) Orthros and Vespers Taken from the standard Anastasimatarion Ioannou and Irmologion Chiknopoulou. Includes Orthros and Vespers in all eight modes in the Greek language. 750 pages in length.
  • Triodion Contains all the hymns needed for Saturday night Vespers and Sunday morning Matins, starting with Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee through Palm Sunday. In Greek. 325 pages.
  • Holy Week Includes all the hymns for all the services of Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday evening through the Sunday Agape service. In Greek. 578 pages.
  • Pentikostarion Includes all the hymns for Saturday evening Vespers and Sunday morning Matins, from Sunday of Thomas through All Saints Sunday. Also includes Ascension Thursday. In Greek.
  • Presanctified Liturgy Contains hymns for all Wednesdays and Fridays in the order they are used. In Greek. A comprehensive guide is also provided.
  • Akathist Includes all the hymns for Saturday evening Vespers and Sunday morning Matins.
  • Mikri Paraklisis Hymns for the fifteen days before August 15th, the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.
  • Nekrosimos Akolouthia (Funeral Service) Includes all the funeral hymns plus the Trisagion Service. In Greek or English.
  • Consecration of a Church Includes the hymns sung while circling the church, in Greek. Also includes a write-up of events as they occur and a list of items needed and where you can order them.

Additional Transcriptions


  • Exomologisthe to Kirio/Psalm # 135 (Th. Fokaeos) - Greek
  • Douli Kirion/Psalm 134 (Polieleos by Petros Peloponisios) - Greek
  • Logon Agathon (Polieleos by Th. Fokeos) - Greek
  • Ta Tipika/Psalm # 102 - Greek
  • Epi Ton Potamon Vavilonos/Psalm # 136 (Houmouzios) - Greek
  • Makarios Anir/Psalm # 1 (by Petros Lambadariou, Arr. Manouli Protopsaltou) - Greek

Feast Days of Christ and/or Mary: - Greek

  • Vespers and Matins for January 1 (Circumcision of Our Lord)
  • January 6 (Theophany)
  • February 2 (Christ’s Presentation at the Temple)
  • March 25 (Annunciation)
  • August 6 (Transfiguration)
  • August 15 (Dormition of Mary)
  • September 8 (Nativity of Mary)
  • November 21 (Mary’s Entrance into the Temple)
  • December 25 (Nativity of Christ)

(Many other dates are available. A library of over 7,000 transcribed hymns are available.)

Specialty Hymns:

  • Mega Apothipnon (Great Compline) - Greek
  • Kataniktika and Martirika - Greek
  • Psihosavata - Greek
  • Prologi – Prosomia (Base or Foundation Hymns) - Greek
  • St. Gregory 5th -A kolouthia - Greek
  • Raphael, Nikolas and Irene of Lesbos – Akolouthia - Greek
  • Ton Stavro Sou - Vimatos (when Bishop is present) - Greek
  • Megas Paraklitikos Kanon - Greek
  • Makarismoi - All 8 tones - Greek
  • Agni Parthene - Greek
  • St. Nektarios ‑ Akolouthia - Greek
  • Vespers ‑ Sunday of Orthodoxy Evening - Greek or English

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