2019 Recipients of the Archbishop Demetrios Years Of Service Award


for Choir Directors of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

In 1988, a distinctive award was inaugurated to honor Greek Orthodox church musicians who had completed twenty-five or more years of service as choir directors of Greek Orthodox parishes. Each year since that time, the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians has been pleased to assist the Archdiocese in identifying and recognizing the church musicians who have showed such exemplary commitment. On October 6th, National Church Music Sunday for 2019, the following twenty-two choir directors were honored for their dedicated and steadfast stewardship.


Name Church City/State Years of Service  
 Stella Papachristou  Annunciation  Milwaukee  WI  45
 Elsa Libowitz  St. John the Baptist  Anaheim  CA  40
 Cathy Moufarge  St. George Cathedral  Manchester  NH  35
 Alexander T. Dogias  St. Basil  Troy  NY  31
 Voula Margelos Brown  Holy Trinity  San Francisco  CA  30
 Sue Arakas  Holy Trinity  Asheville  NC  29
 Penelope Filley  St. Demetrios  Elmhurst  IL  29
 Maria Grias  St. George  Southgate  MI  29
 Mary Angotti  Assumption  Price  UT  28
 †Cameron P. Grammas  Holy Trinity/Holy Cross  Birmingham  AL  28
 George Tzougros  Assumption  Madison  WI  28
 Christine Liapis  St. Katherine  Burlington  NC  27
 Elaine Palaiologos  St. Katharine  Redondo Beach  CA  27
 †Helen Fefles  Sts. Constantine & Helen  Palos Hills  IL  26
 George N. George  Annunciation Cathedral  Chicago  IL  26
 Presv. Voula Liacopulos  Holy Trinity  Egg Harbor  NJ  26
 Demetri Miltiades  Holy Transfiguration  Marietta  GA  26
 Helen Pantazakos  Panagia Pantovasilissa  Lexington  KY  26
 Angelis Duvlaris  St. George  Clifton  NJ  25
 Mary Gaylord  Sts. Constantine & Helen  Annapolis  MD  25
 †Ernest O'Banion  St. Katherine  Elk Grove  CA  25
 †Artemis Palios  St. John Greek  Tampa  FL 25