Annual Meeting Resources

The 2020 National Forum Annual Meeting will be Virtual

Friday, September 11 through Monday, September 14, 2020

Dear National Forum Stewards,

These are the materials for the Forum’s upcoming Annual Meeting – during the days of September 11th - 14th. As stewards, you are cordially invited to participate!

I’m looking forward to our work as church musicians – clergy, choir singers, chanters, and youth music leaders all together! What’s significant this year is that, thanks to some of the “lemonade” that has come out of our struggles with the pandemic, many more of you may be able to participate and see the workings of your national church music ministry in action. In the past, time, distance, costs, and other obligations may have kept many stewards away, but this year, with thanks to Zoom, you have an excellent opportunity awaiting you!

You’ll find four documents about the meeting:

Please be registered and in good standing by September 1st. After that date, you’ll receive materials for the meeting and the links and passwords to Zoom.

I hope you are pleased with the structure and content of the meetings, and the additional opportunity to attend the two workshops that will occur on the Friday before and the Monday after the meeting. Also, look especially at Sunday, where we have figured out how to attend church together and also a way to publicly present the St. Romanos Medallion to this year’s (secret) recipient. See also that we’ll even try to “replicate” in a small way those informal gatherings and conversations that have usually occurred after a day of meetings – a wonderful way to connect with church musicians from across the Archdiocese!

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope to greet you in September!

In His Service,

Dr. Vicki Pappas, National Chairman

Additional Resources

Election of a new National Chairman

At the 2020 National Forum Annual Meeting we will be electing a new National Forum following the falling asleep of our last elected National Forum, Maria Keritsis of blessed memory, in 2019.


The following 3 individuals have been nominated to run for the office of National Chairman. Click on their names to see read their biographies and read letters in support.

Nick Chimitris

Paul Mavromihalis

Lucy Pappadakes